“This is the turning of the tide – a MUST SEE!!!”

My fellow Earthlings. I have been following the making of this documentary for over a year, and believe history may one day look back upon it as the most important documentary film in human history. That’s a big, hyperbolic statement, I know. But I do not say this lightly. The collective awakening of humanity to conscious, peaceful, mutually beneficial interaction with extraterrestrial beings is a really big deal. And Dr. Steven Greer – the man behind this story – is in my view a person of impeccable integrity and scintillating intelligence. That is why I plan to do everything I can to promote this film, which will be released on Earth Day – April 22. More to come…



Terra 2112 Class – Day 1


So. Last Tuesday I finally got to bring my game, Terra 2112, to a group of school kids. (YAY!)

I’m teaching the game at the Centre Learning Community (CLC) Charter School here in State College, and it’s a really cool school. I’ll be there every Tuesday afternoon for two hours with a group of 12 5th-7th graders – ALL BOYS – and my wonderful helper Dawn – for 21 more weeks.

During this time, we’re going to have a blast learning how to become Light Warriors – drawing on our Love and Power in Service to the good of All Humanity. And now that I’ve received my new Mac-friendly Heartmath technology, I’ll be able to teach the young light warriors how to vanquish their INNER static as a precursor to addressing external static in the world.

During the first class, I got to know a little bit about my students. They are really amazing little people. I asked each why they signed up for the class, what kinds of games they enjoy, and what they wish to contribute to Terra 2112. The biggest theme that emerged form the group is their passion for going BEYOND BOUNDARIES! These guys are ready to EXPAND the LIMITS of what is possible and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. :-)

My favorite part of the day was the end of class, when I asked the boys to write THEIR own versions of how this game from the year 2112 was discovered after it came through the portal in time. I turned down the lights and played “Dreamtime Tara” by Jonathan Goldman (which they LOVED) and they all started typing away with their faces lit up by creative intensity.


This week I get to read all their stories, and get back permission slips from their parents to share video of the class. (I’m wearing one of those GoPro Hero HD cameras on my chest while I teach, and will be sharing cool moments from class on this blog…stay tuned.) This is gonna be FUN!!!!



Terra 2112 is LAUNCHING!

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, I begin a collaboration with 12 middle school aged students at a progressive charter school to finally bring Terra 2112 to life! I’ll be posting about it right here. Stay tuned…!

Global Re-Birth Day Celebration – 12.22.12!!!

Hey Earthlings!

On Dec. 22, 2012, people all over this planet are declaring the beginning of a whole new era on planet Earth – characterized by cooperation, co-creativity, freedom, wisdom, peace and LOVE! Check it out:

We’re taking part, right here in State College, PA – at Webster’s Bookstore Cafe from 6-10 pm. Pot luck dinner; live music & poetry; spontaneous collaborative art-making; unity consciousness meditation; discussion of indigenous prophecies & a special announcement about 2013!

Facebook RSVP here:

(If you want to help plan the bash, let me know, yo!)

“Be there or be square…” ;-D


We Have Fired the Grid…

Well, Earthlings, 11.11.11 was pretty amazing.

‘Started the day with a dawn ceremony at the Turtle Island Fire Ring at Ancestor Rock with a couple dozen beautiful, heart-ical, fellow 2-legged Earthlings, sharing visions of joy and gratitude; tying our collective positivity together; and burning up obstacles in the flames…

…Held a humble prayer circle for victims of child abuse on Penn State’s Old Main lawn in the afternoon…

…Ended the day with my wife and kids at a Penn State candlelight vigil for abuse victims attended by thousands. Profoundly moving.

We are in a New Time now. Below is a message from Shelly Yates, the founder of Fire the Grid. To the extent that we are able to collectively live this vision, we shall now utterly transform this planet and move on to a higher state.



The time for sadness is gone
Be in joy now, find joy in every detail
Feel the strength in your unity
Feel the power in your co-creation
Feel the Magnificence and splendour of your LIGHT
The field is set
The Light has won
Thank you dear ones
We love you
Love each other as we Love you
Love without condition, without judgement and with all your heart

So now we begin.

“Hey Central PA, Let’s Fire the Grid!”

Hello Earthlings.

In 80 days from the time of this writing – on 11.11.11 – a one-hour long global event will take place on this planet that is to me extremely important. It’s a global meditation of gratitude and positive visioning called “Fire the Grid.” It’s purpose is to redirect the course of human evolution towards Universal Peace, Joy and Compassion.

I feel so strongly about the importance of this event, I’m devoting my next 11 Friday lunch hours to raising awareness of it.

The good folks at New Leaf Initiative are providing space for me to do this:

Fire the Grid” Fridays (8.26 – 11.11)
Noon to 1 PM
New Leaf Initiative
100 S. Fraser St.
(downtown State College – next to Comic Swap)

‘Hope to catch you there some Friday soon!

PS- This is not a cult. This is not a religion. But it is a story of higher energies and higher consciousness, and our capacities to engage these energies for the good of Humanity and the Earth.

“Let’s get together and feel all right…”

One Love,

‘Got me a cool Earth Day gig this year!

Hey Earthlings. It’s April 2011. Do you know where your mind is? How about your heart? Your spirit? Well, it’s time to synch ‘em all up and BE LOVE! ‘Time help build an alternative to the raging, dying BEAST that is our current global socioeconomic system. How’s that for an Earth Day goal???

So check it out, Here are a couple of public moments i’m scheduled to contribute to Penn State’s Earth Day 2011 celebration.

First off, I’m co-hosting a screening of the 12 finalists of the Sustainable State video contest I put together for Penn State’s Center for Sustainability. Our whole point was to re-focus the sustainability conversation away from energy-draining conflict, re-focus it towards universal human well being, and declare “The Beginning of the End of Total Crappiness,”  as you can see in this 2-minute video:

After my Earth Day video host schtick I get to play music! ‘Gonna dedicate my new song “Pachamama” from the big stage to the indigenous people in Ecuador and Bolivia who are giving new legal rights to Nature herself. This is a seriously hopeful sign and we need to be singing about this from the rooftops! So if you’re free Friday afternoon, come down the HUB and be a part of cheering and feeling that! I’m doing my video thing from about 11:45 to 12:30, and my music thing from about 12:30 to 2:00.

My music set’s gonna be a killer. Heavy on the eco-spiritual soulpop. ‘Gonna debut 3 numbers never played for an audience —  a rocker called “Under the Same Sky,” a lament called “Poison in the Water,” and the brand-spanking new I-cannot-f-ing-believe-the-sh*t-i’m-reading-in-the-papers-these-days tune, “Cold Hearted,” which I dedicate to all our corporate-elected officials cutting funding for education and social services here in post-Wall Street bailout America.

So come on out. Bring your mind, heart and spirit. I’ll do my best to charge ‘em up! ‘Cause a life with no spark is a sad state of affairs. Don’t even go there.

One Love,


Happy Peace Day!!!

Though it still goes woefully under-reported and under-celebrated, today — Sept. 21 — is officially the United Nations’ day of peace and international ceasefire. And though our jaded collective contemporary consciousness may find the whole idea laughable in light of all the planet’s innumerable conflicts, a Brit named Jeremy Gilley has spent an enormous amount of time and energy creating this day, and I for one loudly applaud him. You can learn more about the day at his site, www.peaceoneday.org

All day today a live Web stream is available from this site, where you can view Peace Day activities and celebrations going on all over the Earth. Yes, they really are happening.

If you’d like to take part, but don’t have much time, you can sign up here to pledge to take one minute at noon today to pray for or simply meditate on peace. I’m going to do this. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, and we have to start somewhere.

Finally, I want to extend an invite to all who read this post. Next year, Sept. 21, 2011, I want to be a part of a real event celebrating the day–right here in State College, PA. If you share this desire, please post that fact here, so that we can begin the process of bringing that desire to life.

Peace is more than a nice idea. It’s more than a dream. It is the noblest of all human aspirations, and a goal more worthy than any other of our deep collective consideration and mutual effort. And it is entirely up to us to bring it about.

Thanks very much, and Peace Be With You.


New Penn State Sustainability Gig

It’s funny how the Universe will give you what you want when you ask consistently, stick to your guns and stay true to your own true nature.

Case-in-point: about 6 months after leaving my last job, where the STATIC was becoming unbearable, I’m doing some truly fulfilling and soul-enriching work with Penn State’s Center for Sustainability. My official title is “Strategic Communications Director” and I’m doing everything in my power to help the good folks over there make the most of a serious transformation underway right now. Big goals. Good goals. Righteous work.

Thank you, Universe!

Conscious Convergence – Central PA!

Hey Earthlings. Something really beautiful is in the works on our planet this month, and I’m plugging into it locally. It’s called the “Conscious Convergence” and it’s happening on July17 and 18, 2010.

The Convergence is the follow-up of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and is being organized by the good folks at commonpassion.org, in concert with Mayan calendar scholar Dr. Carl Johan Calleman and authentic Mayan elders, including “Wandering Wolf” – aka Don Alejandro Oxlaj. Details follow below, including the schedule of events I’ve put together with friends for the local version of this global event. Here’s my Facebook page for it.

This is an opportunity to get a ‘sneak peek” into the coming state of Universal Consciousness that is just beginning to emerge for humanity on Earth–the consciousness that will in time redirect the human race into a higher vibration of peace, cooperation, and co-creation. I hope this wave reaches deep into your own life, and brings you great great joy.

Be Well,



The Conscious Convergence is a global collaborative of individuals and organizations whose purpose is to set the intention for, and to demonstrate the fulfillment of, unity consciousness, both individually and within communities around the world. All wisdom and faith traditions are invited to join and help express how we, as an evolving species, can transcend age-old boundaries and ideologies to fulfill a greater destiny than our history may imply.

Our Mission
The Conscious Convergence mission is to bring people together with the shared intention of cultivating a critical mass of harmonious energy that supports inner and outer reconciliation. We come together in the spirit of unity to heal wounds that separate us, to reconcile conflicts that divide us, to inspire ideas and actions that express our oneness, and to join together in heart and mind to welcome the birth of our new world.

Shared Intention Agreement
“I, as a sovereign being, join together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of harmony and reconciliation and I am grateful for the wholeness I bring forth in this and every moment. And so it is.”


(NOTE: All events are free unless noted otherwise. Attend as few or as many as you like. You will be given the choice to have your visions of reconciliation & paradise documented, if you wish…)

Saturday, July 17:

5:30 AM (Dawn) – Fire Ceremony at Ancestor Rock
For directions: colehons@gmail.com

2:00 to 4:00 PM – Summer Qi Gong class
Slab Cabin Park – State College, PA
Taught by Amalia Shaltiel – $20 class fee

4:00 to 5:00 PM – Reconciliation Gathering
Slab Cabin Park – State College, PA
Bring your personal intentions for personal
and collective reconciliation.

5:00 to 7:00 PM – Unity Consciousness Meditation & Discussion
East-West Crossings – State College, PA
Brief meditation led by Cole Hons, followed by open
discussion and food. $10 if you wish to eat & drink.

Sunday, July 18:

1:00 to 2:30 PM – Potluck Lunch
Lederer Park – State College, PA
Bring a dish and/or non-alcoholic beverages
$5 donation appreciated to help pay for pavilions

2:30 to 3:00 PM – Songs & Percussion Playing
Lederer Park – State College, PA
Sing along, play along, dance or just listen!

3:00 to 5:00 PM – Envisioning Paradise Together
Lederer Park – State College, PA
Share your personal vision of Paradise on Earth,
and your personal gifts to help birth it.

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