Happy Peace Day!!!

Though it still goes woefully under-reported and under-celebrated, today — Sept. 21 — is officially the United Nations’ day of peace and international ceasefire. And though our jaded collective contemporary consciousness may find the whole idea laughable in light of all the planet’s innumerable conflicts, a Brit named Jeremy Gilley has spent an enormous amount of time and energy creating this day, and I for one loudly applaud him. You can learn more about the day at his site, www.peaceoneday.org

All day today a live Web stream is available from this site, where you can view Peace Day activities and celebrations going on all over the Earth. Yes, they really are happening.

If you’d like to take part, but don’t have much time, you can sign up here to pledge to take one minute at noon today to pray for or simply meditate on peace. I’m going to do this. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, and we have to start somewhere.

Finally, I want to extend an invite to all who read this post. Next year, Sept. 21, 2011, I want to be a part of a real event celebrating the day–right here in State College, PA. If you share this desire, please post that fact here, so that we can begin the process of bringing that desire to life.

Peace is more than a nice idea. It’s more than a dream. It is the noblest of all human aspirations, and a goal more worthy than any other of our deep collective consideration and mutual effort. And it is entirely up to us to bring it about.

Thanks very much, and Peace Be With You.


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  1. chris uhl said,

    09/21/2010 at 9:16 am

    yes, yes, yes….. I want to join you and others in this….

    Also, i want you to know that thanks to your inspiration, i recently gave an address to the freshman class at Susquehanna University on ‘sustainability.’ Thanks to you inspiration last Spring, I framed Sustainbility as the practice of LOVE. It took me some time to appreciate what you offered us on that day. Now I see it so clearly. “Sustainability” is about ‘sustaining’ life–keeping life going/flourishing. And, of course, what is ‘life’ but relationship… relationship… relationship… So, the mess we are in is the summation of tooooo many fractured/broken relationships…. and, of couse, again, the way to heal and make whole broken relationships is through love… and what is love by the opening and softening of the heart… peace to you brother, chris

    • colehons said,

      09/21/2010 at 9:52 am

      wow. i really couldn’t have asked for a better first comment to this post. thanks chris! i am so pleased to learn that the higher wisdom that’s been weaving its way into my life and coaxing forth my steadily deepening participation is effectively reaching others as well. such a joy to be a part of this process! you give me hope that this message will continue to be heard and understood–here at penn state and beyond…

      i will be in touch soon



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