‘Got me a cool Earth Day gig this year!

Hey Earthlings. It’s April 2011. Do you know where your mind is? How about your heart? Your spirit? Well, it’s time to synch ‘em all up and BE LOVE! ‘Time help build an alternative to the raging, dying BEAST that is our current global socioeconomic system. How’s that for an Earth Day goal???

So check it out, Here are a couple of public moments i’m scheduled to contribute to Penn State’s Earth Day 2011 celebration.

First off, I’m co-hosting a screening of the 12 finalists of the Sustainable State video contest I put together for Penn State’s Center for Sustainability. Our whole point was to re-focus the sustainability conversation away from energy-draining conflict, re-focus it towards universal human well being, and declare “The Beginning of the End of Total Crappiness,”  as you can see in this 2-minute video:

After my Earth Day video host schtick I get to play music! ‘Gonna dedicate my new song “Pachamama” from the big stage to the indigenous people in Ecuador and Bolivia who are giving new legal rights to Nature herself. This is a seriously hopeful sign and we need to be singing about this from the rooftops! So if you’re free Friday afternoon, come down the HUB and be a part of cheering and feeling that! I’m doing my video thing from about 11:45 to 12:30, and my music thing from about 12:30 to 2:00.

My music set’s gonna be a killer. Heavy on the eco-spiritual soulpop. ‘Gonna debut 3 numbers never played for an audience —  a rocker called “Under the Same Sky,” a lament called “Poison in the Water,” and the brand-spanking new I-cannot-f-ing-believe-the-sh*t-i’m-reading-in-the-papers-these-days tune, “Cold Hearted,” which I dedicate to all our corporate-elected officials cutting funding for education and social services here in post-Wall Street bailout America.

So come on out. Bring your mind, heart and spirit. I’ll do my best to charge ‘em up! ‘Cause a life with no spark is a sad state of affairs. Don’t even go there.

One Love,


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  1. Lisa Riley Brown said,

    04/21/2011 at 4:12 am

    Hi Cole! Wish I could be with you on Earth Day! Have a great day my friend!

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