Terra 2112 Class – Day 1


So. Last Tuesday I finally got to bring my game, Terra 2112, to a group of school kids. (YAY!)

I’m teaching the game at the Centre Learning Community (CLC) Charter School here in State College, and it’s a really cool school. I’ll be there every Tuesday afternoon for two hours with a group of 12 5th-7th graders – ALL BOYS – and my wonderful helper Dawn – for 21 more weeks.

During this time, we’re going to have a blast learning how to become Light Warriors – drawing on our Love and Power in Service to the good of All Humanity. And now that I’ve received my new Mac-friendly Heartmath technology, I’ll be able to teach the young light warriors how to vanquish their INNER static as a precursor to addressing external static in the world.

During the first class, I got to know a little bit about my students. They are really amazing little people. I asked each why they signed up for the class, what kinds of games they enjoy, and what they wish to contribute to Terra 2112. The biggest theme that emerged form the group is their passion for going BEYOND BOUNDARIES! These guys are ready to EXPAND the LIMITS of what is possible and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. :-)

My favorite part of the day was the end of class, when I asked the boys to write THEIR own versions of how this game from the year 2112 was discovered after it came through the portal in time. I turned down the lights and played “Dreamtime Tara” by Jonathan Goldman (which they LOVED) and they all started typing away with their faces lit up by creative intensity.


This week I get to read all their stories, and get back permission slips from their parents to share video of the class. (I’m wearing one of those GoPro Hero HD cameras on my chest while I teach, and will be sharing cool moments from class on this blog…stay tuned.) This is gonna be FUN!!!!



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  1. jack said,

    12/19/2012 at 11:13 am

    What is the latest on Terra 2012?

    • colehons said,

      12/20/2012 at 4:42 pm

      it’s coming along GREAT! i just got the last of the permission slips from the kids’ parents to post videos, and will upload highlights soon…stay tuned…!

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